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We take pride in offering a wide selection of books catering to your interests. However, we understand that you may have specific titles in mind that you don't see on our shelves. 


If you don't see your favourite romance novel in our store, you can request it to be added to our To Be Read (TBR) list. This list includes all the books suggested by our customers and staff, and we use it to decide which books to bring into our store.


Adding a book to our TBR is easy. Simply click the button below and fill in our form. By suggesting a book, you can help us expand our collection and ensure that we're meeting the needs and interests of our customers. We can’t promise to bring in every book that is suggested, but we will do our best to curate books from this list in our store. 


So, next time you visit our store and can't find a particular romance book, remember that you have the power to help us add it to our collection. We're always happy to hear your suggestions and make sure you have the best shopping experience possible.

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