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book donation

Book donation


Exciting Book Donation Program Announcement!


Modelled after a clothing thrift store, we gladly welcome book donations that meet the following criteria:


Romance books within the following genres:

  • Contemporary romance

  • Sports romance

  • Fantasy romance

  • Monster romance

  • Historical romance

  • Young adult romance

  • Sci-fi romance

  • Romantic suspense

  • Dark romance


Books must be in good or like-new condition.

We are not currently accepting: 

  • Mass market books

  • Winter holiday romances


In appreciation for your generosity, we will offer store credit for the books we accept. And as an added bonus, you will get this store credit up-front, even if your books don't end up selling.


Please note: Not every book will be accepted, even if it meets this criteria. Email us at to determine if we will accept your books prior to bringing them in.


For the books we accept, we will provide the following store credit rates:

  • $2 per paperback book

  • $4 per hardcover book


Your store credit can be utilized in store to discover new reads and purchase bookish merch. Thank you for considering our book donation program as an avenue to give your pre-loved books a new home. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your support in spreading the love of reading!

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