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Intro to Monster Romance

October usually means spooky season and spooky reads, but here at Slow Burn Books, we love a good monster romance. So we figured we would feature some of the monster romances you can find online or in our store. Whether you like aliens, vampires, demons, or shifters, we’ve got a book recommendation for you!

Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

Tropes: aliens, kidnapping/abduction, forced proximity, language barrier, mates

After being abducted by aliens, Georgie finds herself, and countless other women, stranded on an ice planet. To try and save them, she ventures out into the cold to try and find anything or anyone. All she finds… is a large blue alien who is obsessed with her.

Titan by Jillian Graves

Tropes: urban fantasy, gargoyle, daddy kink, forced proximity, magic

Former child star Julianna has lost everything, and she’s determined to do whatever it takes to gain back her independence; including finding a new sugar daddy. When she meets Titan, a wealthy businessman, she realizes that she’s gotten much more than she bargained for: curved horns, massive wings, and the leader of the last surviving gargoyles.

The Dragon’s Bride by Katee Robert

Tropes: dragon, marriage of convenience, paranormal, forced proximity, novella

Briar is trapped in a terrifying marriage to a dangerous man. The only way for her to get out of it? Make a deal with a demon for seven years of service. She’s put up for auction and sold to the highest bidder - a dragon.

A Soul to Keep by Opal Rayne

Tropes: paranormal, dark, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, slow burn

Reia is known to her entire village as a harbinger of bad omens and has been blamed for the appearance of demons who ate her family. Her village offers her an impossible choice when the next human offering is due - be thrown in prison or be sacrificed to a faceless monster and taken to the world of demons.

Carnage Island by Lexi C. Foss

Tropes: dark, omegaverse, shifter, why choose, werewolf

After her mate rejects her and her alpha disowns her, Clove is sent to a new pack - Carnage Island, home to the worst of wolf kind. She’s an Omega trapped in an Alpha’s skin, and three shifters on Carnage Island want her.

Blood Orange by Karina Halle

Tropes: paranormal, fantasy, vampires, enemies to lovers, fated mates, age gap

After her parents were killed by Vampires, Dahlia has grown up being trained to kill them. She’s sent to a prestigious music school in Italy, and her one job is to kill Professor Valtu Aminoff. What she didn’t expect was to fall for him. While under a glamour spell, Valtu doesn’t know that Dahlia is a reincarnation of the woman he used to love, and Dahlia doesn’t remember that Valtu is the love of her life.

Ensnared by Tiffany Roberts

Tropes: aliens, spider, paranormal, fated mates, forced proximity

When Ketahn is told that his queen wants to claim him, he disappears into the jungle - he doesn’t want a mate. But once in the jungle, he realizes this might not be the case. When he finds Ivy, a human, he understands that they are fated to be together and he will do anything to protect her from his world.


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